How much is a UK Visa?

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How much is a UK Visa?

When considering a trip or move to the United Kingdom, one of the primary queries is, “How much is a UK visa?” The answer, however, is not straightforward.

The cost of a UK visa depends on various factors, including the type of visa, its duration, the location of the application, additional services like priority processing, and other related fees.

This article aims to clarify these aspects to better understand how much a UK visa costs.

UK Visa Categories and Duration

The cost of a UK visa varies significantly across different categories and durations. For instance, Visitor Visas, popular among tourists and short-term business visitors, come in different durations: 6 months, two years, five years, and ten years, each with escalating fees. The longer the visa duration, the higher the cost.

Then there are Work and Family Visas, each with distinct subclasses.

Work visas include Skilled Worker visas, Health and Care Worker visas, and others, catering to various employment situations.

Family visas cover partners, children, and other family routes, each with its unique fee structure.

Location-Based Fee Variations

Where you apply from – inside or outside the UK – also affects the visa fee.

Generally, applying outside the UK can be cheaper, but this is not a rule and varies between visa categories.

Priority Service Processing Costs

For those in a hurry, the UK Visa and Immigration services offer a Priority Service, which ensures faster processing times.

However, this convenience comes at an additional cost, which varies depending on the visa type and application location.

The typical Priority Service fee is £500 per applicant.

UK Immigration Consultants Professional Fees

Applying for a visa can be complex; many hire a regulated UK immigration consultant for assistance. These professionals, like Immtell, charge fees for their services, adding to the overall cost of obtaining a visa.

These fees are separate from the government-mandated visa fees. View our pricing page to get an idea of our typical fees.

Government Application Fees

For accurate and up-to-date government application fees, it’s best to refer to the UK government’s official publication on immigration and nationality fees.

This document provides detailed information on the current cost of various visa types. UK Government Visa Fees.

Additional Fees: Immigration Health Surcharge

For visas with durations over six months, applicants must also pay the Immigration Health Surcharge. This fee grants access to the UK’s National Health Service during your stay.

The cost depends on the visa type and duration and significantly adds to the overall visa cost.

The fee generally costs £1,035 per year for adults and £776 for under 18s, students and those applying for a Youth Mobility Visa.


In conclusion, the cost of a UK visa is influenced by multiple factors, making it a complex question to answer.

Each aspect plays a role in determining the final cost, from the type and duration of the visa to the location of the application, additional service fees, and professional charges.

We hope this guide helps you estimate your UK visa application expenses.

For further inquiries or assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

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