Life in the UK Test 2024: Your Comprehensive Guide

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The Life in the UK Test is pivotal for those aspiring to settle in the UK or become British citizens. When speaking with clients about this test, it’s an area they are often concerned about and for good reason.  After all, unless you meet one of the limited exemption requirements, you must pass the Life in the UK Test to settle in the UK.  That puts a lot of pressure on you, we all have enough going on in our day-to-day lives without adding to the stress. Based on these conversations we decided to create this comprehensive guide to provide in-depth knowledge and insights to prepare you for the test in 2024, and we sincerely hope you find it useful; we would love to receive positive and constructive feedback, so please get in touch with the team at Immtell.

What is the Life in the UK Test?

The Life in the UK Test is a mandatory computer-based test for individuals seeking Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) or naturalisation as British citizens. The government claims it evaluates your knowledge of British traditions, history, and societal norms. The test consists of 24 multiple-choice questions, with a required passing mark of 75%.

Who Needs to Take the Life in the UK Test?

The test is typically required for adults aged 18 to 65 applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) or British citizenship. It’s a mandatory requirement to ensure applicants have a fundamental understanding of British life and values.

How to Pass the Life in the UK Test in 2024?

To pass the Life in the UK Test, thorough preparation is crucial; think of it as learning to drive. You have to learn how to drive in a certain way to pass the test, and then you learn how to drive! The official 2024 Life in the UK handbook is your primary study material, covering various topics like British history, government, law, and everyday life. You can find it on platforms like Amazon. Additionally,

various apps offer practice tests, which can be invaluable for familiarising yourself with the test format, and we recommend that you give these a try.

Life in the UK Test Exemptions

Individuals under 18 or over 65 and those with long-term physical or mental conditions are typically exempt from the Life in the UK Test. Documentation from a medical professional will be required to support any claims for exemption.

How Much Does the Life in the UK Test Cost?

The Life in the UK Test cost is set at a specific fee and is paid at the time of booking. When writing the Life in the UK test costs £50. This fee covers the test administration but does not include study materials or additional resources.

Life in the UK Test Centres

The Life in the UK Test can be taken at various authorised test centres across the UK; there are currently thirty centres. The Home Office only officially lets you view test centres when booking. However, you can find an official list to give you an indication of the locations here. We can’t attest to the accuracy when you view the list.

How to Book the Life in the UK Test

Booking for the Life in the UK test is done online, where you can choose the nearest and most convenient centre. When booking, you must register your details, choose your test centre, and select a suitable date. You can access the official booking site and additional information on this website.  It’s important to mention the name you provide when booking your test must exactly match the name stated on your ID.

When booking your test online, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Email address
  • Debit or credit card
  • An accepted form of ID (valid passport or travel document, Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) or Biometric Residence Card (BRC),

If you cannot provide one of the above documents, the Home Office request that you email them at to explain your situation.

If you have a disability and require additional help or extra equipment, this can be requested at the time of booking.

Life in the UK Test Practice Tests

Practising with mock tests is highly recommended; let’s be honest some of the questions are obscure, and very few people born, raised, and educated in the UK would pass the test without studying. I’ve certainly failed more than one practice Life in the UK Test, so I am always impressed with the effort and time our clients put into studying and passing the test.

There are many sources of practice tests; a quick search on Google will provide you with many websites offering them, and countless apps are available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.  As mentioned previously, perhaps the safest and best place to start is with the official Life in the UK Test 2024 Collection 3 Book Set (Study Guide, Practice Questions and Handbook) as the information is from an official source.

However you decide to practice for the test, these mock Life in the UK tests should mirror the format and style of the actual test and can significantly boost your confidence and preparedness.

Test Results and Feedback

Test results are usually provided the same day you take the Life in the UK Test. While the test does not provide detailed feedback, a pass or fail notification helps you understand if you have met the requirements for your application.If you pass the test, you’ll be given a ‘unique reference number’. You’ll need this number to complete your British citizenship or settlement application.

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Life in the UK Test Validity

A question we are frequently asked is how long the Life in the UK Test is valid. One of the key benefits of the Life in the UK Test is its indefinite validity. Once you pass the test, the results are valid for life and can be used for future British citizenship or settlement applications.


The Life in the UK Test is a significant hurdle in your journey towards becoming a permanent resident or citizen of the UK. With diligent preparation, understanding of the process, and access to the right resources, you can approach the test with confidence and success. We hope this guide has been helpful, if you need any further help with preparing for your Life in the UK Test or support with applying to settle in the UK, please feel free to get in touch.

Good luck with passing your Life in the UK Test from all of us at Immtell!

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