Our Partners

Our Selected Partners

We’re excited to partner with a handpicked group of organisations whose services complement ours at Immtell. Our partners, specialists in their respective fields, join us in providing a holistic service experience.

These collaborations enrich our offerings, allowing us to support a wider range of client needs beyond immigration consultancy. Together, we aim to deliver an integrated, seamless service experience.


Jobs and Visas Limited

Jobs and Visas Limited is a premier international recruitment agency dedicated to connecting top-tier global talent with lucrative job opportunities in the UK and Ireland with visa sponsorship.

Their specialised focus is facilitating employment with visa sponsorship, distinguishing them as a niche agency in the market.  Unlike conventional recruitment agencies, they transcend the typical CV forwarding service. 

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Jobs and Visas Limited’s commitment extends beyond sending CVs; they prioritise candidate pre-screening, ensuring that only the standout individuals are presented to clients. They take pride in delivering a curated selection of the finest candidates, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment process for both employers and prospective employees.


Countwise Advisors Ltd.

Countwise Advisors Ltd is a comprehensive accountancy firm based in Manchester, UK.

They specialise in a range of services, including bookkeeping, payroll, VAT, annual accounts preparation, self-assessment, new company formation, and tax planning.

With a team of seasoned accountants accredited by respected institutions, Countwise Advisors is equipped to support businesses of all sizes in the UK.

Their strategic location in Dubai positions them well for international market support, emphasising their adaptability and commitment to clients’ financial success. For more information about their full-service offerings, visit Countwise Advisors Ltd.