UK Immigration Update: Home Office Attempts to Clarify 2024 Changes

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Yesterday, the Home Office issued a “fact sheet” to clarify immigration changes proposed on 4th December. The accelerated implementation of care sector changes, now set for early next year instead of Spring 2024, could significantly challenge health and care services. Positively, there’s a slight reduction in the raised income threshold for family visas, but the substantial increase and the negative impact remains controversial.


🔹 Carers: Existing visa holders can have their dependants join them or if already in the UK, extend with the sponsored worker. Dependants will not be allowed to join or accompany new applicants of the Health and Care visa – these changes will be implemented as soon as possible in the new year, not in the Spring as previously announced.

🔹 Skilled Workers: Current visa holders will be exempt from new salary thresholds, if extending or changing sponsor. The new minimum salary requirement of £38,700 will apply to new applicants from April 2024.

🔹 Family Visas (British citizen and settled person’s family): Minimum income threshold now set to rise incrementally, starting at £29,000 in Spring 2024, reaching £38,700 in line with Skilled Worker visas in due course. The current income requirement of £18,600 will apply to those already on this route and need to extend or switch from a fiancé visa.

Check the full update here: Government’s Announcement

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