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Immtell Immigration Training And Workshops

At Immtell, we provide comprehensive UK immigration training and workshops that help HR and mobility professionals navigate the complex rules, regulations, and duties of recruiting and retaining non-UK workers.

We specialise in providing tailored training packages that encompass all areas of UK immigration, both in person and remotely. Our team of experienced professionals are committed to helping our clients maximize the efficiency of their strategies, while ensuring compliance with UK immigration laws. With our comprehensive training packages and resources, employers can have peace of mind knowing that their processes are up to date with the latest legal requirements.

UK Immigration training

The UK immigration landscape has changed in light of Brexit, and the questions relating to business visitor vs sponsored work visas has never been higher. With the new laws and regulations, many businesses are struggling to understand the restrictions now placed upon EU/EEA nationals working in the UK. To address this, the team at Immtell has developed an online UK immigration training course which is providing an invaluable insight into the nuances of this complex topic. Led by a former Home Office Chief Immigration Officer and Entry Clearance Officer, this course is helping businesses understand the full range of permitted activities for those entering the UK on a visitor visa.


Immtell’s UK immigration training and workshops are providing businesses with cost savings and informative direction on navigating the UK immigration landscape. Businesses are finding our training extremely helpful in understanding everything from the UK visa application process, to the more intricate details such as how the Immigration Officer interprets applicable rules. This is leading to more accurate and effective UK visa application submissions, resulting in cost savings over sponsored work visas and an improved understanding of the new immigration landscape.

Our team at Immtell are proud to be able to provide comprehensive immigration training courses and workshops providing a unique insight into the current immigration landscape and how to navigate it. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’d be more than happy to have a conversation with you and create a course tailored to your specific needs.

Our most popular immigration training courses and workshops include:

Interactive UK immigration focused webinars
One to one sessions in the workplace or online
Group classroom-based training or workshops in the workplace or online
Group classroom-based training or workshops in our conference suite
An overview of the PBS system and sponsored visa categories
Business Visitors Vs Sponsored Work Visas
Completing and recording Right to Work checks
Record keeping – UKVI sponsor duties
Understanding UK immigration law