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Immtell, led by Gavin Webster with his extensive experience, offers specialised UK immigration training and workshops tailored to the needs of HR and mobility professionals. Our programmes are designed to simplify the complexities of UK immigration, ensuring your team is well-versed in the latest regulations and duties involved in recruiting and managing non-UK workers. Whether delivered in-person or remotely, our training packages are comprehensive and focused on enhancing your team’s strategic efficiency while fully complying with UK immigration laws. With Immtell’s guidance, you can confidently manage your international workforce, knowing your processes align with current legal standards.

Expert-Led Workshops

Benefit from Gavin's vast immigration expertise. Our workshops provide practical insights and up-to-date knowledge, ensuring your team stays ahead in the dynamic field of UK immigration.

Customised Training Solutions

Tailored training for HR and mobility professionals, covering all aspects of UK immigration. Enhance understanding and compliance in managing your international workforce.

Strategic Compliance Focus

Our training programmes emphasise strategic compliance, equipping your team with the skills to handle immigration-related challenges and safeguard your organisation's interests efficiently.

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Understanding the UK Immigration Landscape: Navigating Business Visitor and Work Visa Challenges

Post-Brexit, distinguishing between UK business visitor visas and sponsored work visas has become complex. Immtell, led by Gavin Webster, a former Home Office official in the UK and embassies worldwide, provides an online training course to demystify these challenges. This course is essential for businesses dealing with EU/EEA nationals, clarifying the range of activities permitted under a visitor visa and ensuring compliance with new regulations.

Maximising Business Efficiency: Immtell's Immigration Training and Workshops

Immtell’s immigration training and workshops offer businesses vital insights into the UK immigration process, from visa applications to rule interpretation. Our courses, led by experienced professionals like Gavin Webster, are invaluable for companies seeking to navigate the post-Brexit landscape effectively. Clients appreciate the cost savings and improved understanding of immigration intricacies, leading to more successful visa applications. For customised guidance tailored to your business needs, Immtell is ready to assist, ensuring you’re well-equipped to manage your immigration requirements with confidence.

Essential UK Immigration Training: Immtell's Most Popular Offerings

An Overview of the PBS System and Sponsored Visa Categories
This course explains the Point-Based System (PBS) and various visa categories, catering to businesses grappling with the complexities of the UK's immigration framework. It's especially beneficial for HR teams and employers needing clarity on which visa categories align with their talent acquisition strategies.

From £500 plus VAT
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Business Visitors Vs Sponsored Work Visas
Tailored for companies uncertain about the distinctions between visitor and work visas, this workshop clarifies permissible activities under each category. It's invaluable for businesses aiming to avoid inadvertent breaches of visa conditions, which can lead to legal complications.

From £500 plus VAT
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Completing and Recording Right to Work Checks
Essential for all UK employers, this training focuses on ensuring compliance with Right to Work legislation. It's beneficial for businesses seeking to avoid hefty fines and legal issues from the inadvertent employment of unauthorised workers.

From £500 plus VAT
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Record Keeping – Home Office Sponsor Duties
This module aids organisations in understanding and fulfilling their record-keeping duties as per Home Office requirements. It's crucial for maintaining sponsorship licenses and avoiding sanctions due to non-compliance.

From £500 plus VAT
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Understanding UK Immigration Law
Designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of UK immigration laws, this course equips businesses with the knowledge to navigate the legal aspects of immigration, aiding in strategic planning and risk management.

From £600 plus VAT
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