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Mock Home Office Compliance Audits

At Immtell, we specialize in making UK visa and immigration compliance simple. Our experienced and knowledgeable experts are the perfect partners to ensure that companies pass any surprise or pre-announced compliance visit required by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI).

We provide comprehensive services for Skilled Worker, ICT and Global Business Mobility visas and Right to Work checks, utilising technology to streamline audits.

We understand how important it is for companies to stay compliant with UKVI regulations and make sure none of the important details get overlooked. Our team will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth process from start to finish by undertaking one of our mock Home Office Compliance Audits.

UKVI continue to expand their use of technology to undertake digital audits of companies. UKVI compliance officers now tap into HMRC data to check various data points, for example that you are paying the sponsored worker the amount stated on their CoS. UK Visas & Immigration compliance officers can also carry out interviews with sponsors via video calls.

These developments clearly indicate that the number of Home Office immigration compliance visits is set to increase over the coming years and months. You must be prepared! 

To help prepare sponsors for a Home Office compliance audit or digital audit and to identify and areas of non-compliance, Immtell provides ‘mock Home Office compliance audits’, also referred to as ‘immigration health checks’.

What happens during a Home Office compliance audit?

Although UKVI compliance visits vary in the way they are conducted, the officer will typically:

Check that employers are complying with all their sponsor duties or will be able to comply if they visit the premises before the licence application has been decided
Speak to sponsored workers, for example to check they are doing the role they are sponsored to do
Conduct checks on other workers to ensure the organization is complying with their obligation to prevent illegal working in the UK, essentially that Right to Work checks were correctly conducted
Verify any information stated on the sponsor licence application
Speak to any of the employees involved in the recruitment of sponsored workers, inspect records and/or systems to ensure they are following their sponsor obligations and adherence to rules, such as on ‘Record Keeping’ as set out in the published guidance for sponsors.

Employer’s Duties

Successive governments have mandated the Home Office to act on illegal working in the UK. This has seen frequent change in legislation, granting an increase of power to officials in order to prevent and punish those who choose not to comply with employment laws. This is an integral part of the Home Office’s strategy for the Prevention of Illegal Working.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that all employees are legally entitled to work in the UK. This is done by performing certain tasks such as conducting Right to Work checks on all employees and registering with the Home Office as a sponsor. To ensure full compliance, employers should also ensure that all new employees have appropriate visas and keep records of any changes to visa status. Furthermore, employers should inform the Home Office if they suspect that an employee is not authorised to work in the UK.

Where the Home Office conclude that an organisation has breached their mandatory duties as an employer, potential punishment can be severe. These include the imposition of fines of up to £20,000 per worker, imprisonment of employers, restrictions on sponsoring non-UK or Irish workers in the UK, and the most serious consequence of all – the irreparable reputational damage caused by the Home Office’s policy to ‘name and shame’ offenders.

It is therefore vitally important that employers take their responsibility on illegal working seriously. Taking all the necessary steps to ensure full compliance with employment legislation is the best way to ensure that no legal action needs to be taken against you or your organisation.

How can Immtell help?

Immtell is the premier provider of UK mock immigration compliance audits and health check services in the United Kingdom. With the help of Immtell, UK businesses can ensure they are compliant with all applicable immigration requirements and regulations.

Immtell offers a wide range of services to help UK employers in their efforts to maintain and enforce immigration compliance, such as:

  • Immigration audits and health checks to assess compliance levels. This helps employers to identify potential issues or breaches that may have arisen
  • A dedicated team of professionals who are experienced in Home Office compliance tactics and procedures
  • tailored and comprehensive immigration compliance advice service
  • A robust system for reporting and resolving any non-compliance issues

By engaging with Immtell, businesses are not only able to stay compliant but also to resolve any issues before they become a serious problem or lead to fines or other sanctions from the Home Office.

Regardless of company size or industry, companies can benefit from Immtell’s services and assistance. Immtell provide a comprehensive immigration compliance service that includes the necessary tool kits, guidance and training to help employers meet their obligations.

At Immtell, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of immigration advice and assistance in the UK. Our experienced team of immigration experts are on hand to provide the latest guidance and practical advice on how to best implement compliant immigration policies and procedures.

To ensure businesses remain compliant with all UK immigration regulatory requirements, they should consider enlisting the help of Immtell. With our expertise and assistance, businesses can ensure their immigration policies are up to date and are compliant with the law. With Immtell businesses can benefit from a reliable, balanced and tailored approach to ensuring immigration compliance is maintained.

Areas audited by Immtell during a mock Home Office Complance Audit include:

Right to Work document checking systems and processes
Processes to avoid discrimination whilst complying with Prevention of Illegal Working requirements
Systems addressing immigration requirements, for example working hours permitted for Students
Systems addressing sponsorship requirements such as minimum skill levels, minimum salary levels and meeting the genuine vacancy requirement
Systems addressing a sponsor licence holder’s duty to report to UK Visas and Immigration events relating to the sponsored workers’ employment and circumstances and on certain changes to the business itself

Following the mock UKVI immigration compliance audit, we will compile a comprehensive written report identifying areas of risk and provide expert practical recommendations for improvement.