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Gavin Webster, Director of Immtell

From Border Patrols to Boardroom Strategies

Gavin Webster’s journey into immigration consultancy began in 2003 as a frontline Immigration Officer with the (then) UK Immigration Service. His early years were spent gaining invaluable experience on the front lines, checking passports, and conducting interviews, laying a solid foundation for his extensive career.

His diplomatic postings, starting in Paris and stretching to the British High Commission in Nigeria and South Africa, honed his skills as an Entry Clearance Officer and Manager. These roles gave him a deep understanding of the complexities of visa processing and management, skills he would later bring to the private sector.

Gavin’s return to the UK saw him stepping into the role of a Home Office Compliance Officer, where he audited UK businesses. This experience enriched his knowledge of the corporate side of immigration, preparing him for a leap into the private sector.

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From Government Official to Industry Innovator

Gavin’s transition from government official to legal advisor and strategic thinker began with his role at EY, one of the ‘Big 4’ consultancy firms. Here, Gavin quickly established himself as a solution-driven, problem-solving force in the immigration consultancy market.

His progression continued at PwC and later Vialto Partners, where he rose to Senior Manager, leading one of the UK’s most prominent immigration programs. He advised businesses on immigration systems, sponsor licence applications, compliance requirements, and cost-saving strategies.

Expertise Rooted in Real-World Experience

Gavin’s diverse background, from enforcing immigration laws to guiding businesses through M&A immigration implications, positions him uniquely to understand and address the complexities of UK immigration. His hands-on experience conducting mock Home Office audits and developing right to work processes for employers has cemented his status as an expert in the field.

Immtell: The Culmination of a Vision

In late 2022, Gavin’s desire to offer a new, more effective approach to immigration consultancy led to the creation of Immtell. Fusing his extensive experience with cutting-edge technology, Gavin aims to provide exceptional, insightful, and value-driven services to clients. Immtell represents a new era in immigration consultancy – one that promises innovative solutions, unique perspectives, and unparalleled service.

Transform Your Immigration Experience with Immtell

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UK Immigration Consultants & Visa Specialists

At Immtell, we specialise in solving the complex immigration challenges businesses and individuals face. Under the guidance of Gavin Webster, with his 20+ years of immigration experience, including with the Home Office and ‘Big 4’ consulting firms, we offer tailored solutions for corporate immigration issues, including sponsor licence management and CoS support. We provide expert visa guidance for individuals, easing the stress of navigating intricate immigration rules. Our approach focuses on delivering practical and personalised solutions, ensuring your immigration needs are met with ease and expertise.

Empowering Clients with Expertise: Your Immigration Journey, Our Priority

Our mission transcends mere legal advice. We’re dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge and tools you need for your UK immigration journey. Whether expanding your business, pursuing education, or planning a family life in the UK, our focus is easing your path. By handling your immigration challenges, we free you to concentrate on your core objectives.

Connect with Immtell, where our team of skilled UK immigration consultants and visa specialists, regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), are eager to streamline your immigration process. Our commitment is to optimise every step, ensuring a seamless transition into the UK for you and your endeavours. Our OISC registration number is F202200109, symbolising our dedication to regulated, reliable immigration guidance.

Receive tailored, effective advice for all your visa and immigration requirements. Our experts are dedicated to delivering clear, pragmatic guidance, ensuring your immigration journey is comprehensible and manageable.

Experience the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and personal attention. Whether you're a mobile employee, visa applicant, or sponsor, our approach guarantees an unparalleled experience in navigating immigration complexities.

Gain clarity on your responsibilities with our business-focused, solution-driven approach. We expertly manage risk and ensure compliance, guiding you with clear, actionable information for peace of mind.

Rest assured, your immigration matters are in the expert hands of our dedicated professionals. Our extensive expertise ensures your complete peace of mind throughout the entire process, providing reliable support with every step of the way.

Experience complete support with Immtell's all-encompassing guidance for a secure, well-managed immigration journey. We're committed to keeping you informed every step of the way, ensuring you're always in the loop.

Unleash the power of strategic immigration solutions with Immtell

Our UK Immigration Consultants blend legal acumen with problem-solving finesse to guide your journey. Ready to make your move? Tap the button below to connect with us today.

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Business & Corporate Immigration

Immtell offers dedicated business immigration services, ensuring your business smoothly handles UK immigration requirements. We assist in acquiring Home Office Sponsor Licences, manage risk and compliance, and provide strategic advice for enhancing systems and processes. Our expertise extends to supporting employee visa applications, making the journey of business immigration efficient and hassle-free with Immtell.

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Personal Immigration

Embark on your UK adventure with Immtell's expert personal immigration services. We provide expert support and guidance to all visa types, from work and study to settlement and tourism. Trust in our clear, detailed guidance for a seamless UK experience. Benefit from our 24/7 visa advice platform for UK visitor visas. With Immtell, simplifying personal UK immigration is our promise.

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