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Simplified Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) Assistance with Immtell

Immtell streamlines the process of assigning Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) to non-UK or non-Irish nationals for businesses with a valid Home Office Sponsor Licence. Our business immigration specialists ensure all documentation is meticulously prepared, freeing you to focus on attracting international talent. With Immtell’s assistance, securing a CoS becomes a straightforward process akin to procuring an online UK work permit for your foreign workforce.

Certificate of Sponsorship

Guiding Your Selection of Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) Types

Understanding the correct type of Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) to assign is crucial when dealing with the UK Visas and Immigration’s Sponsor Management System (SMS). It’s essential to factor in the intended purpose and individual circumstances of the foreign worker.

Additionally, the worker may be assigned different visa types such as the Global Business Mobility Visa – Senior, Settled Worker, Scale Up, or Skilled Worker CoS, each supporting their specific needs for entry or stay in the UK. With Immtell’s expertise, navigate these complexities with ease

The two types of Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) are:

Undefined CoS
Undefined Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) are allocated by the Home Office on an annual basis, the number of which is visible on the licence summary on the Sponsor Management System, (SMS). If the allocation is zero, it is possible to submit an in-year additional CoS allocation request for consideration by UKVI. The sponsoring company will need to provide a justification as to why the CoS is required, this is usually aligned to business needs, recruitment campaigns etc.

Undefined Skilled Worker CoS should be assigned to the following workers:

  • Workers in the UK already sponsored under the Skilled Worker or the previous Tier 2 (General) routes and want to apply either for an extension of their stay, change role with their current employer or change employment to a new sponsor; and

  • Those individuals who are already in the UK but hold a different type of visa which permits them to switch into the Skilled Worker category, most commonly Students, Graduates, the Global Business Mobility visa – Senior or Specialist worker or previous Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) visa types.

    Providing the worker qualifies and meets the requirements, the sponsor is not required to obtain any further approvals from UKVI and can immediately assign the CoS to the individual. The CoS reference number can then be used by the individual when submitting their visa application or application to stay in the UK.

    The Global Business Mobility visa – Senior or Specialist worker and Graduate Trainee CoS work in the same way as a Skilled Worker Undefined CoS.
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    Defined CoS
    The process of obtaining a Defined Certificate of Sponsorship (DCoS) is more arduous and time consuming:

    A Defined CoS should be assigned to the following workers:

  • Individuals currently outside of the UK who will be sponsored under the Skilled Worker visa category

  • Those in the UK with a valid visa as a dependent of a Student, intending to switch into the Skilled Worker visa category

    Applications for a Defined CoS are considered by UKVI approximately three times per week. It is not uncommon for UK Visas and Immigration to request additional information from sponsors, more so for industries such as hospitality and health care.

    Assuming the Defined CoS request is approved, the sponsor can assign the CoS to the worker who may use the reference number to support their visa application.
  • Immtell: Your Premier Guide in the Certificate of Sponsorship Process

    Immtell stands as the prime resource for companies seeking to facilitate their foreign nationals’ migration to the UK. Renowned for exceptional customer service and in-depth UK immigration expertise, we ensure seamless and successful execution of the CoS process. For sponsors aiming for optimal outcomes, Immtell is the go-to choice.

    At Immtell, our proficient team of UK immigration specialists appreciates the nuances involved in preparing the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) for overseas talent. We comprehend that companies must meet key CoS requirements to avoid repercussions like suspension or revocation of their Sponsor Licence due to incorrect information or false declarations.

    Our expertise extends to assisting you through the entire CoS process. We identify permissible allowances, prepare the CoS for assignment through the Sponsor Management System, and offer strategic advice to help businesses understand their obligations and plan their CoS allocation for the four-year sponsor licence period.

    With Immtell’s help, companies can efficiently manage their responsibilities as a sponsor, meeting the necessary prerequisites for a successful CoS assignment process. We provide ongoing support, addressing UKVI queries promptly. Companies can have peace of mind knowing their assignments are managed by experts.