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UK Work Visas – Your Pathway to Professional Success in Britain

Navigating the process of obtaining a UK Work Visa can be challenging. At Immtell, we specialise in assisting individuals and businesses through the complex application process to secure their UK Work Visas.

Understanding UK Work Visas

A UK Work Visa allows individuals from around the world to live and work in the UK. The exact visa you need will depend on your qualifications, the nature of the work, and the length of your stay. The most common work visas are sponsored by an employer and include the Skilled Worker Visa, the Intra-company Transfer Visa, and the Global Talent Visa. There are also several self sponsored visas available.

UK Work Visas

How to Get a Sponsored Work Visa for the UK

To secure a Sponsored UK Work Visa, you generally need to:

  1. Be offered a skilled job in the UK.
  2. Be sponsored by an employer who holds a valid UK Sponsorship Licence.
  3. Meet the salary threshold and English language requirements.

Note: The exact requirements may differ depending on the specific type of work visa.

Exploring Sponsored and Non-Sponsored Work Visas in the UK

The UK offers a variety of work visa options, both sponsored and non-sponsored, each with its unique set of requirements. To better understand which visa may suit your circumstances, explore the different visa types listed below. Let Immtell guide you through the details, making your journey to the UK simpler and more straightforward.

Sponsored – Global Business Mobility Visas:

Other Sponsored Visas:

Self Sponsored UK Work Visas:

Temporary Worker Visas:

Why Choose Immtell for Your UK Work Visa Application?

As a trusted work visa consultancy, Immtell provides comprehensive services to guide you through the UK work visa process. From determining the right type of visa, preparing a compelling application, to helping you navigate any issues that may arise, our team is with you every step of the way.