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Ensuring Compliance with Right to Work Checks – Immtell’s Expert Guidance

At Immtell, we comprehend the pivotal role of ‘Right to Work Checks’ for employers to remain compliant with UK’s immigration laws. We specialise in providing sound, up-to-date advice on all aspects of UK’s Right to Work legislation and Prevention of Illegal Working regulations, helping businesses uphold their legal duties effectively.

The mandate for employers to validate their employees’ right to work in the UK, and to maintain precise evidence of these checks, forms the backbone of a compliant workforce. These checks must be conducted before an employee begins their tenure.

When correctly implemented, Right to Work checks offer an essential statutory excuse, protecting employers from potential legal repercussions. This includes protection against prosecution, civil penalty fines of up to £20,000 per worker, and potential reputational damage from being ‘named and shamed’ in case of subsequent discovery of employee’s inadequate work permission.

With Immtell’s assistance, businesses can navigate these requirements with ease and assurance, knowing that their operations align with the UK’s stringent immigration regulations. We’re here to guide, support, and answer your queries, ensuring your business thrives while maintaining compliance with Right to Work Checks.

Immtell: Your Partner in Right to Work Compliance and UK Immigration Services

As a distinguished provider of UK immigration advice, Immtell is dedicated to helping employers maintain a legally compliant workforce. Our proficient team offers a wide array of services tailored to adhere to all relevant Right to Work and Prevention of Illegal Working legislation.

Our immigration specialists can equip employers with the necessary training on legal requirements and perform rigorous stress tests on existing systems to verify their adherence to all pertinent legislation. A standout service we offer is the mock Home Office compliance audit or ‘health check’. This involves visiting your office, auditing HR systems, reviewing record-keeping procedures, and conducting staff interviews, all designed to emulate the scrutiny of an official Home Office audit.

In addition, Immtell’s experts can assist businesses in the development and updating of their systems and processes. This future-proofs your operations, ensuring they remain efficient, current, and compliant with ever-evolving immigration legislation. With Immtell, you gain a partner committed to safeguarding your compliance now and into the future.