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Hassle-free UK Home Office Sponsor Licence Renewals with Immtell

Navigating the intricate landscape of UK immigration law can be daunting. At Immtell, we turn complexity into a seamless journey for businesses by providing exceptional, bespoke advice on all facets of Home Office sponsorship licences.

Our team of seasoned UK immigration advisors appreciate the critical nature of timely Home Office Sponsorship Licence renewals. That’s why we diligently work to ensure your renewal process is carried out correctly, punctually, and fully adheres to the law, helping you retain the talented professionals vital for your business success.

Remember, you must renew your Home Office Sponsor Licence before expiry, the application can be lodged up to three months before the current licence’s expiration date. You can find this date on the summary page of the Sponsor Management System (SMS), accessible to Level 1 users. Trust Immtell to guide you every step of the way.

Home Office Compliance Visits during Sponsor Licence Renewal: What to Expect

The period leading up to the Home Office Sponsorship Licence renewal is an opportune moment to ensure your business is fully compliant. Home Office Compliance Officers may conduct surprise audits, scrutinising your premises, records, documents, and even interviewing staff to confirm adherence to immigration rules.

Businesses should acknowledge the increased scrutiny during this quadrennial renewal process. Detailed inquiries about compliance with Skilled Worker, Global Business Mobility visas, and other immigration issues, notably those aimed at preventing illegal working, become more prevalent.

This phase presents the perfect opportunity to ensure all processes are streamlined and compliant. Identifying any weak points and implementing necessary improvements is crucial. Our mock Home Office compliance audits at Immtell serve as a valuable tool to help you pinpoint these areas and ensure you’re fully prepared for the real audit, leading to a smoother, more confident licence renewal process.

In order to ensure a smooth audit process, organisations must proactively prepare for a Home Office compliance audit by:

Continually maintaining and updating records for sponsored migrant workers as part of the sponsoring company's licence duties.
Implementing regular compliance checks on staff and promptly reporting migrant activities to UK Visas and Immigration via the Home Office’s Sponsor Management System (SMS).
Implementing necessary modifications to the sponsor licence ahead of the extension application submission to the Home Office.
Ensuring ongoing adherence to compliance measures and timely submission of the renewal application to the Home Office.

The Home Office Sponsor Licence renewal application process essentially takes the following steps:

Review all details on the Sponsor Management System (SMS) to check that everything is correct
Report Changes
If any changes to the licence are required, report them to UKVI
We recommend that you undertake a 'mock' Home Office audit to check that your systems, processes and record keeping are fit for purpose
Submit & Pay
Submit the renewal request and pay the relevant fee to UKVI on the SMS
UKVI Reviews Application
UK Visas and Immigration may undertake a compliance visit as part of their sponsorship licence application consideration
Application Outcome Notification
Notification of the Home Office sponsor licence application is usually received via email within 6 to 8 weeks

Professional Guidance for Home Office Sponsorship Licence Renewal

As part of our commitment to ensuring seamless Home Office Sponsorship Licence renewals, Immtell’s team of seasoned UK immigration specialists offer comprehensive support throughout the application process. Our tailored services include:

Conducting an onsite or remote 'mock audit' or 'health check' to assess your systems and processes, preparing your staff for potential UK Visas and Immigration compliance audit inquiries.
Generating a thorough report that highlights areas of strengths and weaknesses, providing practical solutions for potential improvements.
Updating the Home Office with your company's most current and accurate information, ensuring consistent compliance.
Aiding in the work sponsorship licence renewal application and addressing any requests for information from the Home Office.