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Navigate Your Business Expansion with Sponsored Global Business Mobility Visas

Are you considering expanding your business horizons to the UK? The Sponsored UK Global Business Mobility Visa (GBM) can make this transition smooth. Find out everything you need to know about this visa type, from the requirements and the application process to how Immtell can assist you at every step.

Understanding Sponsored Global Business Mobility Visas

The Sponsored Global Business Mobility Visa is a valuable tool for businesses seeking to establish a commercial presence in the UK or transfer their employees to the UK. This type of visa facilitates the smooth transfer of global talent, promoting international business growth. Applicants must be sponsored by a recognised UK entity and meet specific eligibility criteria to secure this visa.


How Immtell Makes Your GBM Visa Application Process Easier

Acquiring a Sponsored Global Business Mobility Visa can be a complex process, with detailed requirements that need careful attention. That’s where Immtell steps in, simplifying the process for you. Our seasoned immigration experts provide personalised support to guide you through each stage of the application, ensuring accuracy and completeness.

Explore the different categories of Sponsored Global Business Mobility visas listed below. Choose the one that suits your requirements and discover how to apply:

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Don’t let the complexity of visa processes deter you from global business expansion. Reach out to the Immtell team today for expert guidance on the Sponsored Global Business Mobility Visa. We’re committed to helping businesses like yours make successful moves to the UK.