Care Sector Industry Survey (Q1 2024)

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The Care Sector Industry Survey

Thank you for participating in the Care Sector Industry Survey, led by Immtell and Tier Resources International, in partnership with Caring Times. Your input is invaluable in helping the care sector comprehensively understand its current state, particularly in light of the significant forthcoming changes to the UK's Health and Care Visa immigration rules in March.

Your insights will contribute to a deeper understanding of how the industry navigates recruitment and retention challenges amidst these regulatory shifts. Many organisations are concerned about the potential adverse effects on their operations and caregiving capabilities, making your perspective even more crucial.

Insights and Analysis

We aim to provide detailed insights upon gathering and analysing the survey data. These insights will reflect current strategies and policies within the sector and offer a foresight into how businesses plan to address upcoming challenges. The findings are intended to be a valuable resource for your business and the entire care sector, aiding in strategic decision-making and policy development. The survey will also equip Caring Times and associated publications of the Nexus Media Group to publish helpful articles and insights for readers and members.


Technical Issues or Questions​

If you have any problems while completing the survey or have any questions, please contact us at support@immtell.com. We greatly appreciate your help and feedback and are here to ensure a smooth and informative survey experience.

All the best from the teams at,

Immtell, Tier Resources International and Caring Times

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By completing this survey, you consent to be contacted by Immtell Ltd, Tier Resources International and the Nexus Media Group.