Home Office Sponsor Licence Holders: Reporting Duties Simplified

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As a UK business holding a Home Office sponsor licence, you have certain responsibilities. Among these is the duty to report specific changes or events to the Home Office. Ensuring compliance with these requirements is crucial, not only to maintain your sponsor licence but to avoid potential penalties. 

This post outlines the reporting duties, simplifying what needs to be reported and when. 

Reporting via the Sponsor Management System (SMS):

 The Sponsor Management System (SMS) is the main portal through which you will communicate with the Home Office regarding your sponsored employees.


 Events to be reported within 10 working days:

  1. Sponsored Employee Changes:
    • The employee does not turn up for work on their first day.
    • The worker’s start date is delayed by more than 28 days.
    • Leaving their job earlier than the end date on their certificate of sponsorship (CoS) for reasons including resignation or dismissal.
    • Changing job role, especially if the new role is in a different SOC code.
    • Any significant changes in their job, such as, job title change, a promotion or change in core duties.
    • Unauthorised absence from work for more than 10 days.
    • Change in the normal work location.
    • Salary reduction that falls below the amount stated on the CoS.
  2. Sponsor Changes:
    • If you stop trading or become insolvent.
    • Change in your operating or trading name.
    • Changes to Key Personnel (e.g., Authorising Officer, Key Contact).

 Events to be reported within 20 working days:

  1. Sponsored Employee Changes:
    • A significant change in the worker’s contract, i.e. where they are TUPE’d to a different sponsor.
  2. Sponsor Changes:
    • Involvement in mergers, acquisitions, or take-overs – full or in part.
    • Change or organisation name.
    • The company ceases to trade.

 Note: This post is intended as a simplified guide to assist sponsor licence holders in understanding their reporting duties. It does not replace official guidance or legal advice. Always refer to official Home Office documents and/or seek professional advice for comprehensive guidance. Published 30/10/2023.

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