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In the realm of UK immigration and employment, misunderstandings can lead to serious compliance issues. Two prevalent myths about Home Office Sponsor Licences and Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) need to be addressed to ensure businesses remain informed

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As a UK business holding a Home Office sponsor licence, you have certain responsibilities. Among these is the duty to report specific changes or events to the Home Office. Ensuring compliance with these requirements is crucial, not

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Demystifying the Process: A Guide to Effortlessly Hire International Talent in the UK There are a few myths that persist when it comes to recruiting talent from outside the UK. One is that the process is overwhelmingly

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Sponsor Licence  RevokedIf you've received notice that your Home Office sponsor licence has been revoked, it can feel like a significant setback, especially if you rely on international talent. However, don't despair. A revoked sponsor licence is